Thursday, November 30, 2017

RB50 in 2018- What Are We Doing?

If there is one thing that has been consistent with RB50, I have to say it has been the inconsistency with the posts and videos.  I'd really like to change that in 2018.  RB50 isn't my job, it's a hobby that puts a TINY bit of money in my pocket but it's a hobby that has actually helped people in one way or another over the 2 years since I started it.   

I've tried a few things here and there in 2017 with the YouTube channel and some things stuck but some things didn't.  I completely re-did the channel content because I didn't like the direction it was heading.  I lost subscribers when I did that but that's OK because I knew it would happen and at the same time that the channel was losing subs from the old content, it was gaining subs with the new and the views started to go back up.

I cleared the website.  All of the old content has been put back into draft because it is not relevant anymore with what I've been posting over the last few months.  A clean slate for the new year coming up.  This site will be a great companion to the majority of the YouTube videos that will be coming out.

One of the things that really surprised me was the difference between the interest in making money vs. saving money.  It is really obvious to me that more people are interested in the information that I put out on saving, so that's what I'm going to be concentrating on in 2018.  In this process, I'm going to be utilizing this website, Facebook and the Twitter page a lot more in 2018 to help us on this journey.  I failed miserably in taking advantage of everything that I can use social media for in 2017 but that is definitely going to change.

I want RB50 to be different from your run of the mill "I got my 50th tube of free toothpaste at CVS this week to add to the 50 that I got last week" kinda place.  (I'm being sarcastic but I think you get what I mean.)  I don't want to fill up a blog or Twitter feed with "great" Amazon deals that will spark you to impulse buy something that you probably really don't need just so I can make an 8% commission on you.  I'll save that kind of thing for my other websites and Facebook pages that I have.  NO.  I want to show you how easy it is to either repair what you already have that has broken or find what you need/want at the price that you are willing to pay when you decide that it's time to buy it.  You don't have to be at the mercy of the retail price or even a mediocre sale price because there is always a better deal if you know how to find it.

The original concept of the channel was to show you what you could do with the money that you saved to turn it into even more money.  I originally started doing couponing and saving money videos to show people WHERE they could find the money to do other things with.  For example, buying property in a tax sale or putting the money that they saved into precious metals.  In the end, I've decided to drop that concept because people don't seem to be interested in it and that's OK.  

Couponing is a big piece of the puzzle but HOW you coupon can also have an effect on your bank account and your financial bottom line.  Just because it's a "great deal" doesn't necessarily mean that you should buy it.  Especially if you are paying for the item and that payment includes money that comes out of your pocket, your Extra Care Bucks, gift cards or any other form of payment.  I'm going to be addressing this in some of my videos but if you are paying out of pocket for things that you don't really need, how is that really saving you any money?  It plain and simply isn't.

Why do I do my out of pocket cost and free things differently?  Because you can't spend an Extra Care Buck, an earned gift card or rebate money twice.  That is why I do not count those things on the transaction that I earn them on.  I count them when I spend them.  Yes, I tell you what I earned when I earn it but I do NOT count it in my total for the transaction that I earn it in.  If I hand the cashier $50 our of my bank account or cash from my wallet, then whatever I purchased did in fact cost me $50.  If I hand her $50 in Extra Care Bucks, gift cards or money from Ibotta then that is when the items were free.  I have a video on this in queue.

We are going to be keeping a running total on a couple of things in 2018.

One is the amount of gift cards that I get from Swagbucks.  I posted a video a while back on how I easily acquire those gift cards without spending a dime of my own money.  Lets see just how much my method will acquire in 1 years time.  I wonder what I'll be able to get in December, 2018 with that balance?

I also want to keep a public running total on exactly how much I spend on food and household goods over the year with the style of couponing that I do.  What the price is before coupons, after coupons, how much I received back in SavingsStar and/or Ibotta and how much do I actually save when I purchase my freebies with the rebate money?  I think some people would be interested to see what can actually be done with that method.

I'm going to be spilling some tea.  A lot of tea.  In fact a lot of people are probably not going to like this but personally I don't care because I'm tired of the secrets.  Full disclosure is so important and point blank simply isn't happening.

Those crazy Amazon unboxings that I do... I'm going to show you where I get the discount codes for that stuff.  I'll share my red flags that I've figured out on how to tell the difference between junk and something that is worth the money and what I ultimately do with the majority of the stuff and no, I don't sell it.  I'm also going to share some information about reviews.  Incentivized reviews and give you some hints on how to recognize undisclosed (dishonest IMO) affiliate links so you can make the decision for yourself, is this really a good deal or is it someone recommending something to me just to make a buck?

In a nutshell, RB50 in 2018 is going to be better.  It will be more consistent.  I will be utilizing social media a lot more which means people will have more access to ask questions or just say hello.  The content will be richer and more personal.  More live feeds and definitely more content on saving money in so many ways.  I'm really excited about this.  I've been doing a lot of planning and making decisions with the channel over the past week and I hope you will love what I have come up with as much as I do.

Happy Friday and Happy December 1st!