Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How I Got a Generation 5 Kindle Fire Tablet for $24.00- Kindle Fire Tablet Review

One of the things that my parents have always told me that has stuck to me like glue is if you want something, be patient and really shop around.  I seriously took this to heart and I think it is one of the best pieces of financial advice I've ever heard.

"Buy now and you'll pay now's price.  Be patient and buy on your own timeline and you'll pay your price."

It took me a while to even justify shopping for a tablet.  Since my income comes from online sources, I have 4 laptops.  2 that are used on a daily basis and 2 that are there when I need to do extensive research for an article or book for a client.  With that many laptops, WHY do I need a tablet?  I decided that the tablet was needed because it's a pain in the rear to move a laptop into the kitchen to play a movie or look up a recipe.  First world problems can be cumbersome sometimes.  :/

Here were my thoughts when I started shopping...
  • A tablet is an electronic device that just like every other electronic device, it will go obsolete in a short amount of time.
  • I chose to look for a Kindle Fire, because I have Amazon Prime and I can use all of the bells and whistles of Prime with it.
  • I chose the Kindle Fire because the price for a new on Amazon's site is only $49.99.  Even if I couldn't find one cheaper, I felt comfortable with that price.
Off to Ebay I went in search of a better deal, and I found one.

When the tablet arrived, it was obvious that it hadn't been used and if it had been, MAYBE once or twice.  It was in the packaging, charger included.  No manual but I never have any issues with figuring out electronic devices, the listing said it wasn't there and I didn't mind that at all.

So I ended up with a reliable, name brand tablet that was practically brand new for $24.00 that will do exactly what I want it to do.  Needless to say, I was extremely pleased.

What do I think about this tablet?  So far I really like it.  Set up took less than 5 minutes.  Downloading the apps that I wanted on it took maybe 10 minutes.  The ONLY complaint that I have is that the YouTube app REALLY sucks.  The IOS version of the YouTube app kicks the tar out of the Android version.  The YouTube app is useless to me on the tablet so I'll stick to using it on my iPhone.  Plus, read the TOS and it will shock the hell out of you.

The Facebook, Twitter and Ebay apps are all very useful and quite nice and the Amazon Video app is splendid.

Battery life is nice.  It seems to need to be charged every other day and I use it for a few hours in the morning then all afternoon for playing movies.

The speaker is on the back so that can be a challenge on occasion depending on your hand placement.  I'll be using a set of exterior speakers with the tablet when it is in the kitchen so that isn't a deal breaker for me at all.  The sound through a pair of headphones is REALLY nice.

All in all, even for the full price on Amazon, if you have Prime, this little guy is an excellent buy!  I have to say I would highly recommend it.