Monday, October 24, 2016

Deals I Will Be Getting from Target Week of October 23rd

It's going to be awesome this week at Target for me when it comes to the deals that they have going on.  It's time to stock up the medicine cabinet for the year and stock up on personal hygiene items along with catching a few other miscellaneous deals that they have for crap that I buy anyway that I just think are kinda awesome.

I love air freshener and when you have 2 dogs, ya kinda need that sort of thing on occasion.  This week Target has a free $5 gift card when you buy 5 air care products.  So my plan is to purchase 5 of the AirWick small spaces air freshener thingys (what are those things called??) using five printable coupons from the website for $1 off when you buy 1 AirWick small spaces.  I'm going to pay $9.95 for them out of pocket but Target will give me back a $5 gift card.

Sometimes I snag things for other people that are cool with being my shopping buddy on these adventures and that's where this deal falls into place.  Target has another gift card deal on what they are calling "morning routine" products which include things like deodorant and body sprays.  In the 10/23 Sunday newspaper there was a coupon for a free Axe body spray when you buy 2 Axe deodorants.  So for every one of those coupons I use, I'm going to be out around $7.98 for 2 deodorants and 1 body spray but I'll get back a $5 gift card.  I'll probably do this deal three times.  To me it's worth it as a thank you to my male friends that agree to go shopping with me.  I think most of the time they are just interested in watching me work my deal mojo.  LOL!


Listerine.  $4.99 each.  There are 75 cents off one on their website.  Buy 3, get a $5 gift card back.  I'll do that deal once because I'm almost out.

Purina One Dog Food is also on a gift card deal this week.  I'll use 2 coupons, $2 off one bag, and will buy 2 16.5 pound bags for a total out of pocket payment of  $35.98.  I won't do do a stock up on the dog food because it is constantly on sale but grabbing an extra couple bags to keep back is always a good idea when there's a gift card involved.

Side note on the dog food:  I hate it that I am feeding them this dog food but every time I try and switch them to something better, Spuddy's butthole flares up and gets really raw, sometimes to extent that it bleeds which means he's allergic to that particular food.  I've tried Taste of the Wild and a few others and all of them have been a no go so far.  He's not allergic to this one and it's at least better than regular, cheap ass dog chow.

Text the word HEALTH to 827438 (Target's text number) and Target will text you back with a coupon link for a free $5 gift card when you purchase $25 in health care products.  SWEET!  I'm going to coupon the hell out of this one with $1 off 1 Theraflu, $2 off Excedrin, $2 off Stayfree, $3 off 2 Vicks nose spray.  There are a ton of coupons on that you could use to make this deal awesome.  I will do this deal twice and kill it both times.  :)  My plan is less than $20 out of pocket for both transactions in addition to the $10 in free gift cards.

I haven't listed any of the Cartwheels that may be available for any of these deals this time because right now, there aren't any.  Thing is, Target is in the habit of popping a Cartwheel up toward the end of the week for items that they have on sale or special and that's the main reason why I shop toward the end of the sale instead of the beginning.  Shhhh.  That's a secret though so don't tell anyone.  :)

As you can see, this week's deals are excellent and the chances to stock up while enjoying the free gift cards in the process are going to be really nice.  I'm looking at getting back about $40 in gift cards which isn't a bad deal because I can either save them or roll them over in deals that will be going on next week.  I haven't decided if I'm going to apply the $15 that I am currently holding from last week's deals to this week.  We'll see.  I guess it just depends on how froggy I'm feeling and how much greenback I am actually willing to let go of.

Video of all of my scores coming this week!

Last week's score video:

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday and I'll see you sometime this week.  :)