Monday, October 17, 2016

Food Prepping- Cheap Homemade Fast Food- Save Money and Eat Healthy

Chicken Picatta
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Fast food sucks.  Believe it or not, if you stop eating it for a year then try to go back to it you will see exactly what I'm talking about.  It's gross and definitely NOT good for you.

It costs more to eat out no matter if it is fast food or a sit down restaurant.  The bottom line is that cooking at home will always save you money.  Preserving your own food will save you money.

"Lanie, I am a busy person and don't have time to cook and eating healthy is way too expensive."

How about a good old fashioned game of you are wrong and I'm going to tell you why you are wrong.  Just be honest and tell me that you don't want to save any money or time on your food and that you don't want to eat healthy.

Sorry (not really but it sounds good) but from here on out I have made the decision to call BS when I see or hear BS.  I know that what I do works because I actually do it.  I'm not selling you a method that I heard about but have never done or followed.  I'm telling you what I do every day and the information is free.  Take it or leave it.  The only reason I'm still sharing this information is because of the reasons I started the YouTube channel to begin with.  It's for people that want or need this information.  This information isn't for anyone that isn't willing to make the changes.

I have another busy couple of weeks coming so I prepped my meals ahead for the next two weeks... yesterday.

It took a few hours but it is always important to me to have good food on hand to eat because it's important for me to maintain my current weight of 120 pounds and not eat garbage that is handed to me in a bag through a window.  Eating crap from a restaurant will cost me more time in the long run (having to go get something every day, wait at the restaurant then drive back home) the quality of the food is crap, it's expensive and it will cause weight gain.  So how do I solve that problem?  Food prepping ahead of time.

Here's what I made for lunches and dinners for the next two weeks:
  • Chicken Picatta (one of my FAVORITES)
  • Pork Fried Rice
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Stuffed Acorn Squash
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Eggplant Parmasean
  • Fried Chicken
  • Baked Macaroni and Cheese  (used as a side in 1 other meal too)
  • Roasted Rosemary Potatoes (used as a side in 1 other meal too)
  • Warm kale salad with onion, garlic, green pepper and carrot in olive oil/butter as a side for a couple of the meals.
I also baked a batch of cornbread muffins and made 4 baguettes of beautiful, buttery, whole wheat bread.

Fried chicken, kale salad & rosemary roasted potatoes.
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There are two quarts of rice left over in my freezer right now in case I want to eat one of my favorite breakfasts, sticky rice with a little bit of sugar and butter.

I also have a salad base mix ready to go that contains kale, red romaine lettuce, cilantro, basil, parsley, carrot, celery and green pepper.  It's in the fridge and will last for a few days so I'll have to spend the 15 minutes to do another one every few days to have it on hand.

I know what some of you are thinking.  The time that you think it takes to do something like this.

Not as much as you would think.

The fried rice, teriyaki and acorn squash all have rice in them.  The stuffed mushrooms and stuffed acorn squash both have chopped mushroom stems in the filling.  Almost everything started with the base of onion, garlic and olive oil but changed direction at some point to develop into something different.  For the same amount of time that a lot of people spend cruising Facebook each day and watching brain-rotting television, this can be done.

Plus the savings is unbelievable when you prepare your own meals at home.  Even healthy meals.

The key is in the ingredients and the variety that can be created from those ingredients.  The charm is that I have a variety to choose from, not the same thing over and over again like what you see on YouTube when you search for food preps.  All home made.  All a lot healthier and tastier than the crap from the drive thru and it was all completed in just a few hours.

Here are a few more photos of what I made:

Baked Mac & Cheese
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Fried chicken and some of the baked mac & cheese.
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Pork fried rice.
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Chicken teriyaki
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Stuffed acorn squash, warm kale salad and cornbread.
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Stuffed mushrooms.
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If I have time in the near future, I'll share one of my food prep sessions on the food channel.

The reusable containers that I am using for my food preps came from Amazon.  You can use plain ol' freezer containers for this if you want but if you are interested in the containers that I use, links are below for the specific ones that I purchased.  I'm extremely happy with both of these.  Next, I plan on purchasing the oval containers for soups and stews that can not be canned like chicken and dumplings.  Now that's going to make me extremely happy.  :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... I'll also be using some of the soups and chili as filler meals simply because they are there and are delish too.

Happy saving time and money!  Questions?  Let me know in the comments below.