Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Much Time Does it Take to Coupon Like I Do?

You'd be very surprised how little time I spend on couponing.  Seriously, it takes very little of my time to get the deals that I do.

Here's how my Saturday goes when it comes to couponing, and Saturday is my Target deal/coupon day.  I get up and fumble around for a bit.  Then I sit down at my computer and open up my favorite Target deals website to check what gift card or coupon deals that I may want to get into for the following week.  Target's ad starts on Sundays here and ends on Saturday.

If the deal has printables, I get them off of the website that she has linked to and get everything ready to print at the same time.  You can usually print 2 of the same coupon off of one printer, so if I need or want more than 2 coupons, I can get up to 4 laptops ready to print at the same time.

If the deal has newspaper coupons I will go to my favorite clipping service to start my order.

Since I mentioned a clipping service, let's get that info out of the way right now.  Why do I use a clipping site?  I hate buying newspapers because it's a HUGE waste of money.  There are very few food coupons that I will use, most of my couponing is for household items, pet care and non-edible things.  Let me explain it this way...

On October 2nd there were 2 coupons in the paper that I wanted a lot of...

These are $3.00 off of 1 case of Ball or Kerr canning jars and $1.00 off when you buy 2 boxes of lids.  Hell yes, I will use the hell out of those coupons and I have 10 of the lid coupons along with 20 of the coupons for the jars.

I had 2 choices.  Spend $40 on newspapers and end up with a bunch of newspaper to dispose of and coupons that I'll never use OR I can spend $4.80 and get exactly what I want from a clipping service.  I think the $4.80 IS the better deal and the smarter choice because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to deal with 20 freakin' newspapers.

All in all I spend less than an hour in an entire week on checking Target deals and about the same amount of time on Wednesday morning looking at Kroger and other grocery ads.  In less time than most people spend in front of their television every evening, I'm getting prepared for my weekly shopping and saving a shit ton of money doing it.

I shop Target on Friday or Saturday and the grocery on Thursday.  I also do Amazon Prime Now which I know sounds really odd for someone that doesn't like to spend very much money but there are deals to be had on that site and they deliver.  I've purchased Cascadian Farms organic version of Honey Nut Cheerios for 49 cents a box on Amazon Prime Now to give you an idea of what kind of deals can be found there.  I usually skim it on Wednesdays when I do my grocery preparation.

My favorite coupon clipping site is Klip2save.  (And I am NOT getting a kickback for telling you about them either).  I order before 2pm and my coupons are sent the same day.  The coupons that I ordered today will arrive on Tuesday.  They are that awesome.

I'll be posting the deals that I have chosen to take on here on Mondays for the week and will be sharing what I have purchased on the YouTube channel with videos every week.  Now, I don't shop EVERY week because there are weeks where the deals aren't that great so if there's a week that you don't see a deal or two, it simply means there was nothing there that suited my fancy for that week.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Happy Saturday!