Monday, October 31, 2016

Target Deals I'm Doing this Week Ending 11/5/16

YIKES!  It's slim picking on the Target deals for me for the coming week.  BLAH!  It happens though.  Not every week is as amazing and not every week will have a gift card deal that I'm interested in.

This week it pretty much boils down to one coupon deal.  I'll hold onto my current balance of $15 in gift cards because I don't spend them unless I'm getting gift cards in return.  That's just MY way of doing it though.

There is a $10 gift card deal when you buy 3 select household products but it looks like it is all Proctor and Gamble and the only thing that I would look to stock up on would be toilet paper and I don't use Charmin since my house has cast iron pipes.  I don't know if you know this or not but Charmin + cast iron= not a good idea.  

This week it looks like there is only 1 deal that I'll be taking advantage of at Target.  

The only deal I will be doing this week is using the $5 off Pepsi purchase of $20 or more coupon.  It's available with a Target coupon that was in yesterday's paper or by texting PEPSI to Target at 827438 and Target will text you back with a coupon.  I'll definitely be doing this deal as long as the price is right on their Pepsi products.  If their cases have inflated, rediculous prices, I won't do the deal.

BUT... Halloween clearance will be happening this week and that can lead to some seriously awesome deals on anything that is related to Halloween or anything that they have left over that was packaged in a Halloween package.  You CAN use coupons on clearance items and I've squirreled away some candy coupons and will be checking out the clearance area when I go to collect my Pepsi products this week.  Just like all of my other favorite dates, November 1st means Halloween candy goes on clearance.  YES!  :)

After we reach November 1st, my next favorite date is November 9th because all of this political BS will be over with.  : /  

Happy Monday!

I hope you are having a fantastic day.