Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Target Deals that I'll Be Hitting This Week

I've been getting back into the hard core coupon game the past few weeks because I like free stuff and deals like what I got on meat last week with their $5 off when you spend $20 on meat and seafood coupon combined with Cartwheel and manufacturer coupons.  I almost felt bad when I left the store because my bill was so cheap.  Almost.

This week the stacks are nice and the gift card deals are plentiful so I'll be taking advantage of them.  Concentration is on shampoo (I go through a lot of shampoo) and paper towels.  If you don't know about taking advantage of sales and the massive coupon stacks that can be done with Target, you'll want to watch my 7 video series that I posted when I first started my channel.  The videos are dated because it's when I first started the channel but all of the information is current.

Before I get into this, for some reason I'm inclined to explain why I shop like I do.  The main reason is because of how much money I save doing it this way.  If you are strapped for cash or looking for a way to loosen more of your income for investing, this is one of the places that will help you out with that.

Now I am a bit looser and not as tight on the deals like I used to be when I had no money but for the people out there that buy the same exact products that I do, just remember that you are paying full price and I'm usually paying less than half for the same exact thing.  No dark, dank cave here.  Just awesome stuff for a lot less than what most people pay for it.  I could pay full price but why would I when I don't have to?  I'll never understand the way some people think.

Anyway, on to the deals.

First is paper towels.  I'm partial to Viva even though I will buy other brands if the price is right.  This week there is a deal where when you buy 2 packs of selected Viva paper towels (other brands are included too) you will receive a $5 Target gift card.  I will be buying 4 packs that each have 8 rolls in them at $9.99 each.  Here's the coupon stack that I'll be using:

$1 off 1 pack of Viva paper towels- I'll be using 4 coupons.
10% off Viva paper towels Target Cartwheel offer.
If I can track some down, I'll use a $3 off of 4 specific cleaning products, Viva is one of them, Target store coupon.

If I'm unsuccessful in tracking down the Target coupon (and I probably will be) I'll be paying about $32 for all 4 packs which will last me about 2 months.  Plus I'll get back $10 in Target Gift Cards.  I never count the gift cards in my cash out of pocket.  I always count them as free products when I spend them.

The second deal that I'll be taking advantage of is a deal on Pantene shampoo.  $4.99 per bottle regular price.  I'll be buying 12 bottles.  Sounds like a lot but it will last me about a year and since I'm completely out, I'm pretty darn excited about this deal.

The coupon stack that I'll be using for this deal is:

$4 off when you purchase 2 bottles of Pantene shampoo or conditioner.  I'll be using 6 of these.
10% off Pantene shampoo or conditioner Target Cartwheel offer.

So... this deal will be $34.60 for all 12 bottles, or $2.89 each.  BUT Target will give me back $20 in gift cards for buying the shampoo.  

What's that mean?  I'll be good on paper towels for a couple of months.  I'll be good on shampoo for the year.  I paid a reasonable price for it all and I'll have $30 in gift cards to put in my gift card stash to use later on down the road.  I can convert these Target gift cards into Ebay or Amazon gift cards if I want to.

Translation- I can get free Ebay gift cards to buy silver or gold (or anything else that I want) by buying stuff that I would have already purchased to begin with.  If I buy it on Ebay, I can use Ebates to get the rebate.  A double dip.  Now that's a good deal.

I'm always pretty pleased with the deals that Target comes up with.  Especially the gift card deals.  Sometimes it feels like legalized pillaging but secretly, I absolutely love it.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this, leave them in the comments below.

Happy shopping and saving!