Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Secret to Saving Money on Clothing- Patience is a Virtue

It's no secret that because I'm female, I do love clothes.  It's also no secret that I would rather have a hot poker inserted into my eyes than spend anymore on clothing than I have to.  Clothing is not an asset my friends.  It's a liability because eventually, it does wear out.

I posted previously about buying clothing on Ebay from sellers located in China and I still occasionally do that.  I love being able to get more bang for my buck, or spend a lot less on the same products.  I go more for quality than labels.  UGG boots? Of course because the quality is there.  I have 3 pair of UGGs but I didn't pay anywhere near the $200 a pair for them.

The secret to saving money on clothing is simple.  Buy it from as close to the source as possible.  Cut out as many of the middle men as you can.  The markup on clothing is ridiculous and I refuse to pay it.

Patience is a virtue with this though.  Good things and great prices come to those who are willing to wait.  Buying directly from China means you aren't going to be sporting that new dress in a few days.  It means that if you can wait a few weeks for it to arrive, you can get an amazing deal on it.  Buy now, pay now's price.  Be patient and you can pay much less. for the same thing.

Also... if you are going to be buying for Christmas, now is the time if you want to make sure the item(s) arrives on time.  *hint hint!*

Below is a banner link to one of my favorite websites.  Remember, I don't buy clothing often but when I do, I always get the best deals and this is one way I do that.  One word of caution, though, just like when you buy any piece of clothing online from any seller, always check the size chart.

Dresslink new product, up to 80% off

One last thing... check the jewelry department if you or someone you are Christmas shopping for are into the leather bracelets.

You're welcome.  :)

Happy Sunday and good luck!