Friday, October 21, 2016

YouTube Schedule for RB50- Things are Surely Changing Around Here

The original plan for RB50 was not where the channel is now and what it has become and it's time to reel it in.  I should be controlling the channel, it should not be controlling me.  Over the past few months, it has made a whole hearted effort to run my life.  That can't happen.

The channel is so far off of the original schedule that it should have gotten into things the the stock market by now.  Nope.  Never made it.

I'm taking the channel back to its roots.  Back to the points and topics that it was supposed to have to begin with.  RB50 was never intended to be a PM channel.  It was intended to be a channel that showed how I save as much money as I do and the things that I do that are going to accomplish my retirement goals.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be posting videos on PM's because it is a part of what I do but I am also getting back into the roots of what this channel is supposed to be about.  Money, every day living and how I have gotten to where I am now and where I am now is no where near where the mental midgets think it is.  I had to say that because it's so fucking amusing to me that I laugh every time I think about it.

Some people VERY obviously did not understand the message and that's OK.  I've said it more than once, this YouTube channel isn't going to be for everyone.  My channel is for people that know how to think outside the box and aren't afraid to look at things from a different angle to learn and people that aren't afraid try something new and like scoring great deals to save thousands of dollars a year in everything that they buy including the things that they need.  That it's possible to live without credit cards, cable television, car payments, contract cell phones and other things that people are convinced that they have to have to live.

At least that was part of the original intent.  The rest was a place where my friends could go to see a specific topic that they wanted the information on because I got tired of explaining it over and over again because they see exactly where I'm at, what I have and how I live. They see and know what people that know me from YouTube do NOT know.  I have discovered over the past few months that people have made some really absurd and comical assumptions about my finances. Obviously math is a foreign concept to some people.  All I am going to say to the mental midgets is that if I'm saving thousands of dollars a year by following my methods, I have no cable bill, a cheap cell phone payment and no car payment, where do you think that money is?  I can afford those things, I just choose not to keep up with the Jones family because I think the Jones family are fucking idiots.  

So I am putting the channel on a schedule.  I'm doing away with the Tuesday live feed and will go to occasional pop ups but nothing that will interfear with Salivate Metal's pop ups or Silver Siren's live weekend chats.  I'll visit other live feeds if I'm online and I'm going to treat RB50 no different than I treat anything else that I have in my online portfolio.  In other words, I'm absorbing it into my income stream because of the amount of time that it has been taking up in my life.  I'm going back to the original uploading of Friday videos with the occasional other weekday upload when I have time.

Hopefully these changes will allow me to be able to spend more time on my other projects like the food channel and my other YouTube channels.  So starting this coming Friday, you'll start to see the changes that I'm making to the channel to get it back on track.  It's a new/old  RB50 that some of you will probably hate, but that's OK.  I'm not here for the haters, I never have been.  I'm here for the people that want the information that I have to offer that I know works because I live it everyday. 

Life is good when you don't have a pile of bills waiting for payment on your kitchen table.  Life sucks when you look at your bank account with a zero balance showing.  Life sucks when you realize that you have been duped all these years with pop culture, sales pitches and bullshit to fill someone else's pockets.  I understand the frustration and the attempt of justifying shitty spending habits.  I really, really do because I was there and I did it too.  I also understand the thinking that financial disaster can never happen to you.  My income will always be there, and it will be.  If you are lucky.  Right?  Right.