Monday, November 21, 2016

Why I Don't Shop Black Friday In Store Deals...

Are you sitting down?  I hope so because what you are about to hear will probably really surprise you.

I don't shop Black Friday deals in stores.  Nope.  I do not set foot in stores on Black Friday weekend, EVER.

Target is one of my favorite stores even though their deals aren't all that great for me in the weeks approaching Thanksgiving.  I haven't shopped there in three weeks, I still have my gift cards, and that's why there haven't been any posts on Target lately.

I don't care if they are giving something away for free, I'm too old to be dealing with the idiocy that happens in stores in the US on Black Friday.  In today's world of internet shopping there is no reason for me to go into what I call the lion's den.  Especially since the deals really aren't all that different from regular sales anymore.

We don't do Christmas gifts and haven't for years so my Black Friday shopping consists of buying things that I want for my own life.

It's relaxing to not have to deal with trying to find the perfect gift for anyone.  Christmas is stressful but it doesn't have to be that way at all.  I can't tell you how much stress disappeared from the holidays when the gift giving ritual disappeared from my life.  Don't get me wrong, I still do small, funny or gag gifts for friends but it's because I want to and I find it fun, not because I feel I have to.  I just don't stress out over it at all.

Here's my Black Friday ritual...

Wake up whenever my eyes open.
Go upstairs and make a batch of hot cocoa.
Make a few breakfast tacos (they are SO good).
Grab my computer and breakfast.
Head back into the bedroom and sit down at the table.
Log onto the computer while eating breakfast.
Go to Amazon's site and check out the current and upcoming lightning deals to decide if there is anything there that I want.
Browse around the internet at the big box stores and check out what their sales are for the next couple of days to see if there is anything that I want.
Go to Ebay to see if there is anything that I want and check to see how my Black Friday sale on my main seller account is doing.
Buy the stuff that I want.
Take an afternoon nap.

Stress-free and in my pajamas.  Now that's how to shop on Black Friday weekend.

When you get excellent deals on everything that you buy throughout the year, Black Friday in store sales are kinda "meh" and not impressive to begin with because you know you can do better with the online deals in combination with things like Ebates and Honey.  You can't get rebates by shopping in the store.  Slap a gift card or two that you have received for free from a Target deal or from using Shopkick on top of the online deal and Black Friday can become your own personal Freebie Friday.

Why in the hell would anyone ever choose this over the comfort of their own home and their pajamas?

I want to correct the reporter on one thing.  Americans didn't spend "up to" 40 billion dollars because a lot of that spending is going to be going onto charge cards that will not be paid off when the bill comes in.  The credit card companies make a LOT of money off of Christmas shopping in interest, late fees and over the limit fees.  The Christmas shopping season is a credit card company's wet dream.  It's sad but unfortunately true and it is part of what drives our economy.

God bless the people that use plastic and don't pay it off every month.  If it weren't for them, we'd be in one heck of a mess economically right now.  If you are one of the millions of Americans that carries an average of $15,000.00 in credit card debt, thank you for keeping the economy afloat with your interest payments and spending habits.  The truth can sometimes be painful but people have the power to change their situation anytime they choose to drop the excuses and that's a fact.  Change comes to those that really want it and are willing to do it.  Not those that bitch or complain about their debt but continue to cave to their own excuses.

I hope you have a fantastic Black Friday shopping experience if that's what you choose to do no matter which route you choose to do it.  There are a LOT of decent deals out there if you combine them with a rebate, a free gift card that you received and don't forget the free shipping.  A lot of the ads that you see for in-store sales are available on the store's website so shopping at home is a quiet, stress-free, relaxing option for the majority of these sales.  I've been doing it this way for years and absolutely love it.