Friday, January 6, 2017

RB50 in 2017- What a Year it Will Be

I've spent the last few days looking at what RB50 did and did not accomplish in 2016, and in all honesty, I'm very disappointed with where it is at the moment.  It zigged when it should have zagged.  The beauty of the whole thing is that since it is January, it is the perfect time to get things back on track.

I considered scrapping the whole project and starting over from scratch but then I don't feel like that would be fair for the people that have been following the channel that are looking for the information that I originally promised, but didn't quite fully deliver on.  Instead I've decided to go forward with it.  In a sense it will be starting over from square one.  I said a few months ago that I wanted to reel this channel project back in.  The timing is perfect because... well... it's the first week of the new year and that's always a great time for starting over.  Pressing the redo button.

There are quite a few new projects for this year that are going to make a large impact on my original goal and a couple that are going to be dropped because they didn't work like I wanted them to.   No harm no foul.  There is minimal risk in the things that I do, most of what is lost is simply time.

A lot of what I'm doing will still be posted to YouTube but you'll notice a significant change in the tone, length and content of the videos.  You also may notice that the majority of my previous content will be removed as the new content is added.  Many of those videos will be redone and reposted over the next few months because my editing skills are a LOT better now than they used to be, along with brand new content that I'm currently working on.

Here's what RB50 will be delivering in 2017...

- Facts about the financial state of the average household in the US.  You are going to get brutal honesty from me from here, with the sources to back me up, when it comes to the numbers because the numbers don't lie and the numbers are NOT good.

- I'm going to continue showing you ways to save and find money.  Like I said from the beginning, not everyone makes a six figure salary and some people need to be shown where to find the money in their budget before they can divert it.  Being financially secure has everything to do with what you do with the money that you have and nothing to do with how much you make.

-  I'm going to show you how to become debt free, how I'm successfully doing it.  Anyone that is serious about getting out of debt  or is tired of working every day of their life to hand over their paycheck to someone else will want to watch those videos.  It takes a lot more work to get out of debt than it takes to get into it.  It isn't a pleasant experience but I can tell you it is very satisfying.

- I'm going to show you the ins and outs of quite a few different, legitimate, no BS ways to make money.  I either do these things right now or have in the past.  How ambitious are you and how badly do you want to live debt free?  Prove it.  Not to me or anyone else.  Prove it to yourself.

-  I'm going to show you basic financial things that should be taught in our schools to our kids but unfortunately, it isn't.

-  We will re-visit real estate and this time we will definitely get a lot deeper into investing.

-  I will continue to show you the ways that I save money on everything that I buy and how I retrained my brain to break free from the commercialism that puts and keeps a lot of people into crippling debt for their entire lives.

-  I will be touching on investing in precious metals but there will be no more gold or silver videos on my channel with the exception of one that will be released sometime in January.

-  I will show you unconventional, outside the box ways to build your wealth and how to hold onto it.  If you love carrying a balance on your plastic, your 6 hours of TV time a day and eating out every night, my methods probably aren't going to work for you.

-  I will show you how I paid off a 15 year mortgage in year 7.  My mortgage will be paid off sometime this year.  That's right.  RB50 will be completely debt free and not owe a dime to anyone.  The only bills I will have will be my utilities, taxes and living expenses and this is where it's going to get REALLY interesting because this plan does not stop there.

2017 will be a huge year for RB50.  There are a lot of big goals to accomplish this coming year and anyone is welcome to watch and follow along to see how I'm doing this.  It's going to be painfully fun but SO worth it.  For those of you that decide to leave, I wish you luck.  For those of you that decide to stay, it's going to be one wild and interesting ride.