Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RB50 YouTube Channel News and Updates

"Lanie!  Where in the hell are the videos for how to make money online?"

They are coming.  I had to revamp the process because of the changes that YouTube made with their requirements for AdSense approval.  It threw a bit of a curve ball at me for getting people started.  The reason I posted the video on monetizing your YouTube channel is because if you are even slightly interested in AdSense revenue from anywhere else online, YouTube WAS the easiest place to be approved.  Not anymore so now the foundation of that piece of the puzzle has changed and I had to figure out where is the best place for AdSense approval now.

I have already started recording the videos for that series and it will start to go up on RB50 on "Making Money Mondays" starting June 5th.  Those videos will be going up once a week, every Monday.  There are SO many pieces to this puzzle that I'm sure the series will probably never end.  LOL!

RB50 is evolving.  I have been uploading different types of videos lately.  Shopping hauls, Spudward Saturday is here to stay and a new Sunday video series started this past week, Critter Cam Sundays.  I'm planning on organizing the channel to eventually have a new video uploaded every day.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to pre-upload and schedule each video as they are completed.  That's also why I might be a bit late in responding to comments and private messages.

If you haven't guessed, I'm fanatical about food because it is one thing that we HAVE to spend money on but it is also able to be controlled.  I'm going to start adding more food related videos to the channel that have to do with saving money and frugality in the food department WITHOUT having to eat garbage food or use a bunch of paper coupons.  I'm not really a fan of paper coupons but I will occasionally use them. 

As an example of the type of food videos I will be doing, you'll see a video soon on how you can take 1 chicken per person in your household and create 10 meals out of them.  I literally get 10 meals for myself out of one whole chicken.  No that's frugality and actually pretty darn delicious.  I'll start with showing you how to cut up a whole chicken and where to go with it from there.  At this point, I'm not planning on posting recipe videos (I could change my mind again in the future, you guys know how I am about changing my mind!) but the recipes WILL be posted online and the links will be posted in the description for you.

I'm also going to start making more videos on deals for every day living things like makeup, DIY projects, the occasional review if I really like or really hate something, more money tips and tricks, gardening, the chickens and anything else that has to do with spending, saving and investing that inspires me to do a video at that moment.  Everyday life things that people can relate to.  Information that people with limited incomes or lower incomes can use to help improve their situation and that everyone else can use to help increase the amount of money they are able to save every month.

Finally I'm going to be showing you a LOT more fun, silly stuff that I do.  For example, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep for a bit last night because my allergies are kicking my butt right now.  It's been a while since I've done this but it is a lot of fun so I went into a few different websites to request a shit ton and I do mean a shit ton of free samples of different, random products.  There are also a few coupons coming for free Nestea, free Nosa Yogurt and a free candy bar.  It's not something that I am fanatical about at all but it's fun to get free things in the mail to try out or give out to friends.

Side note... I also get a few different free magazine subscriptions in the mail like Outdoor World, Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue.  I call it free bathroom reading material.  :)  Something like that isn't going to change your life at all but it can be fun to have something to read if you are ever bored.  I'll have to show you how I do that because it literally takes two seconds.

Anyway, the channel is going to continue to look quite a bit different.  Hopefully people will enjoy the content.  Don't forget that you can request videos too.  If there's something that you personally are wanting to know and I either know or can figure out how to do it, I'll definitely make a video on it for you.

Does RB50 have any social media accounts?  Why yes!  It does.

The NEW Instagram account that is tailored around food:

The Facebook Account:


I hope you are having a fantastic day and will enjoy the changes that have started with the channel.  Questions?  Comments?  Criticisms?  Use the comment section down below because that's what it is for.

Happy Wednesday!

- Lanie