Monday, June 5, 2017

Making Money Monday- Facebook Pages

Meme added to the example Facebook page.
Today's video in this series is about utilizing Facebook's pages to make a bit of extra money with affiliate programs, or you can also use this model to sell your own stuff.  The type of page that I showed you is a bit different than the majority of how I do this because there is no website attached to it.  You can see the Facebook page used in the video HERE.

Facebook is a never ending opportunity to dip into for affiliate income, to promote your website, YouTube channel or sell your own stuff.  It's not something that is going to be successful overnight by any means but you can invest minimal time and over time, you'll start to see the returns.

I use Facebook pages in combination with my websites to create an all around circle.  Facebook users will visit the website and website readers will go to the Facebook page to see what is posted there.  It equals revenue streams from many different sources and the more sources and chances that you put in front of people, the more they will read, share and ultimately click to either buy a product with your affiliate link or an AdSense Ad.  This sounds like a lot but in the bigger picture of things, it's a small piece of the puzzle.

Obviously building a following on Facebook with likes, shares and follows is extremely important with this and it does take time.  Without the followers to see what you are posting, nothing is going to happen.  Here are a few key ingredients that will assist in building a Facebook following:

  • Post EVERYDAY.  This can be tiring and annoying but if you utilize the information that I have given you on how to grab memes and schedule them to post, it eliminates a lot of the headache of having to go to the Facebook page everyday.
  • Don't over post.  Offer a nice selection of posts.  One meme a day, one article a day and pepper in the affiliate links here and there.  Keep people engaged with comedy and information but don't get too ambitious with any one part of that.  Balance and harmony is the key.
  • Utilize hashtags.  Especially in the beginning.  That's how people will find your page.  
  • What is your target demographic for your page?  The memes and info that you put out there should reflect those individuals.
  • Don't be afraid to use Facebook Ads.  When they are done correctly (and we'll talk about them later) they can really help your page a lot and be worth it.
  • Remember that this type of Facebook page is an investment of your time that if you stick with it, you can invest minimal time but will start to see the benefits on that time... in time.  :)
I also posted a video in RB50 Thinking Out Loud that shows you exactly how much time it takes to gather and post 1 months worth of memes on a Facebook page.  It might surprise you to find out that I finished it in less than 17 minutes and the time included a brief pause to take a drink of water and a few screw ups.  For a month's worth of memes.  You can see that video below.  It's boring but it proves my point on how long it DOESN'T take to do this.

Next we'll go over affiliate links a bit deeper and tying all of the Facebook stuff together.

Baby steps my friends.  Baby steps.  :)

Questions?  Comments?  Criticisms?  Hit the comment section down below because that's what it is for.

Happy Money Monday!