Friday, June 30, 2017

The Trivial Life...

Sometimes life can feel like a pretty trivial thing.  Especially when your hands are in so many different areas, and you love every one of them.

Occasionally I say I wish I had Spudward's life.  The most trivial part of his day is deciding whether to sneak out of the office and into the bedroom to pile himself up in the middle of the bed to take a nap, or chew on a deer antler or toy in the middle of the floor for a few hours.  The tribulations of a dog's life can put some things into prespective on occasion.

I did something today that I absolutely HATE.  I posted three videos on the same day.  Unfortunately I felt like it was a necessity because the deals that I did won't be around much longer and I wanted to share.  It was a catch 22 so I caved.

The final food challenge video will be up soon.  The footage was accidentally deleted so I'm going to try and re-create it.  Probably in combination with a recipe video for the flour/kale tortillas that I made.  YUM.  Better late than never and I will add that by the last couple of days, I was seriously wanting a salad.  There's got to be a better way with that.  Has to be.

Money Monday videos are not pre-recorded so that will commence this coming Monday.

I hope you'll stick around to see how much RB50 is evolving and changing.  I'll "see" you soon of course.