Thursday, August 16, 2018

Goodbye to the Old RB50... Hello Again!

Geez.  I could be the poster child for inconsistency with a YouTube channel.  Thing is that I really want to change that now that I've had some time to sort it all out.  My main problem with consistent posting on YouTube is that it isn't my bread and butter and I keep losing interest in it for a few different reasons.

The original concept of the channel was derailed a long time ago.  Since then, I've been trying to find the channel's identity by trying a few different things that are close, but no cigar... yet. 

Couponing Videos

Posting the couponing videos was fun at first but, and this may sound a bit snarky even though I really don't mean it to be, I'm not addicted to couponing or shopping so it turned something that used to be really fun for me into a freakin' nightmare.  I started feeling like I had to do the deals to show them on my channel and that's no fun at all.

It's also counterproductive to what the channel was supposed to be about and I know some people saw that but unfortunately others didn't.  Spending even a dime on something that you don't need or really want, just because it's a "good deal" is still spending money.  That coinage adds up and when you shop like that, it adds up quickly.  I see couponing channels that give a really big impression of shopping/couponing addiction and I ended up giving a really good impression of it and for that, I do apologize.   

I shudder at the thought of how much money and time I really wasted on buying crap that is still sitting in boxes so I could make a YouTube video on that deal even though I didn't need or want the product.  What a waste.  Especially with CVS.  I will be filming a video on my disdain for CVS and why I think they are dangerous and a rip off.  You can't really tell when you watch any of my CVS couponing videos but truth be told, I think they should be avoided, period, for a few different but all what I like to think are very good reasons.

Now don't get me wrong, couponing is a good thing, when it is done correctly for you and your household.  I will still be doing those deal videos but it won't be in the volume that I did before and I'm not going to be doing a deal just to show it to you.  If I don't need or want the product, I'm not going to pick it up.  The rabbit hole I went down before was just nuts and I hated it.

BUT, I will start doing the Walmart freebies/cheapies again because it is obvious to me by the view count that people do like those videos and I don't have to "buy" the products to do those videos.

PM Videos

I haven't posted any PM videos in a long time and there's a few reasons for that too.  One is that again, I allowed myself to get sidetracked on the what and why.  It's easy to get caught up in pieces with high and unnecessary premiums and those pieces don't fit into my ultimate end game.  It was exhausting and heartbreaking to watch people buy, show in a video and then end up selling at a loss because they needed the cash.  What I acquire is very common and not at all exciting or anything that hasn't been seen a million and one times, so I'm not going to waste people's time by making a video on any of it.  Think of it this way... seeing an ASE for the first time is exciting.  Seeing one for the 116th isn't.

Current situation in my hallway.  :)
Amazon Unboxings

Unboxing videos have essentially ran their course on YouTube, unless there is something complementary in the video.  One of the ways that I make money is by doing product reviews.  Even though I receive a shit load of different things for free or deeply discounted, I don't take that into consideration when I do my reviews.  Ever.

Those unboxings were a combination of things that I had been sent for reviews and things that I purchased and "paid" full price for because I wanted or needed the item.  Paid is in quotation marks because most of the time I use gift cards that I get off of Swagbucks (I did a video on how I do that) or my Amazon Affiliate or Ebates income.  That's why there is so much stuff in those videos.  Maybe I should have talked about that part more than I did.

I'm going to be doing more of these videos, mainly with clothing because that's what I have been going after lately.  I don't buy clothes very often and I'm going to save my secrets on how/why for a video but I will tell you that I actually have pairs of socks that I had when I was in high school.

The unboxing videos will include my first impression of the item, trying it on and saying what my opinion is on the item.  I'll also talk about the current price and what I actually paid for it.  I currently have about $1,000.00 in clothing sitting in boxes and packages in the hallway that are waiting for the channel's first try on video.    

What Happened?

After really, wholeheartedly thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that I started to hate my own content.  In addition to that, I've never wanted to offend anyone and I KNOW that you just can't please everyone all the time, every time but I chose to ignore it.  My inconsistency has got to stop with YouTube.  I'm either going to do it... or not.  Be myself or don't do it.  Keep it informative, post content that has some sort of value or I'm going to have to just walk away and I don't want to walk away.

The motivation is seriously real right now because after looking at it all a lot closer, I can see what I think is the solution and the changes will be good, fun and worth it.    

Happy Thursday!



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